Movie of the week: The Dark Knight

dark knight poster.jpg

                We look at this classic super hero movie, showing batman aka Bruce Wayne go up against his greatest foe, the Joker, Alongside with Two-Face.  With the dark knight, we see batman at his best.  We see all the famous gadgets, villains and fighting that we have seen since batman made his debut in 1939.  This story shows a dark, yet emotion toll of how batman must outsmart his opponent, the joker from bringing chaos to the city of Gotham.  Being the sequel to his first movie about the origins of batman in Batman Begins, shows what batman must go through to fighting crime and seeing if the people admire batman or hate him.           

                Christopher Nolan does a fantastic job for bringing the realism of batman to the movie screens a crossed the world.  Making it feel that Batman is part of our world, rather than being in a fictional world.  We see Christian bale and Heath Ledger bring outstanding performances of the charecters Batman and the joker, to which Health Ledger won an academy award for the role.  The way on how the stunts and effects are displayed in the film, being that of the semi flipping over.    

                The suspense of the film will keep you on the edge of your seat for the whole film.  Making you want to watch the film repeatedly.  This film will make you want to be a batman fan for the rest of your life.  To any film buff as myself, this film belongs into the top 10 films to watch, without it ever getting old.  5 out of 5 this is a superhero movie that will make you want to watch more.