Finding ways to lower your stress level and how they benefit you!

baby stress.jpg

            As we get closer to finals week, our stress levels start to rise.  This being from the finishing touches on final projects, presentations and gaining all possible knowledge of the subject that you are studying.  In the last month of any semester, many students start to get nervous about classes.  This being mostly of what grade a student has.

            Many students have a hard time understanding how to destress from the workloads they must accomplish before the end of the semester.  It is very crucial that people destress because if someone is over stressed, this can lead to effects on your body, thoughts, feelings and behavior.  If not checked, these stress levels can cause health problems such as blood pressure and obesity. 

            There are multiple ways to fight stress while finishing up the semester or at any time.  These are:

·         Going outside

·         Smiling like you mean it

·         Listen to some music

·         Focus on your breathing

·         Writing your stress away

·         Talk to someone about your stress

·         Go for a run or walk

           These small, but effective techniques to helping reduce stress can make yourself happy and make the last month of the semester more enjoyable then stressful.  The more you do these techniques, the better you will be able to concentrate on assignments and even studying for final exams.  I hope that these techniques will help fellow students become less stressful and more successful in their school work.