Nick Offerman Interview; Post 2017 Ferris Homecoming Performance, R-Rated

Photo courtesy of Ferris State Torch photographer Abbey Good. Used with permission. 

Disclaimer! The following interview is Not-Safe-For-Work (NSFW) and uses R-rated-language that is not suitable for young audiences. Please use discretion.    

Bulldog Radio in conjunction with the Ferris State Torch and Media Communications Association had a chance to sit down with comedian Nick Offerman following his performance as Ferris' 2017 Homecoming Comedian,

Offerman is best know for his role in the NBC sitcom"Parks and Rec" as the stoic Ron Swanson.

In the interview, Nick Offerman gives his own brand of sage advice to young students, answers Torch readers' burning questions,  and settles a very important debate. Enjoy!